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"One can never know what the light may call forth from darkness."

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Feature: Throughout this website, there are many abbreviations and acronyms. I have endeavored to implement the "title" attribute of the <abbr> HTML tag so a tooltip balloon opens, showing what the abbreviation/acronym means. Please note that I have tried my best, but there may be some I have missed. Example: This is a SNAFU.

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Fun Feature

At times, throughout this site, you may see a reference to 7734. This is a method I have used to not use the worty dird. If you roll the mouse cursor over the "7734", you see it change into the true dirty word. I got this from the fact that if you enter 7734 into a calculator and turn it upside down… Of course, it has to be the type of calculator that shows numbers thusly:

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