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Onaviu Character Generation
Based on the award winning RPG system
New RM Slogan I Made
"Beware those who would deny you access to information, for they already dream themselves your master."

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In this section, I will be re-writing my original CharGen write up for Onaviu. Please be patient as my amount of free time is exceptionally limited. Until this paragraph is replaced, please note this is will be an Ongoing Work In Progress (OWIP).

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Sign up at the ICE Forums to get a free Public Playtest Beta-version of:

Character Law: core character book

Spell Law: core magic book

Arms Law: core combat book

Also included is a sample NPC created using this Character Generation system: Saramanusa (see menu bottom). This NPC is also being used to develop another region of Onaviu south of the Hatharnd Empire. Thus, why she is so well developed.

Addenda: Saramanusa was created using the older version of this creation process. This CharGen has been changed somewhat since she was first generated.

Die Roll Conventions

Although everyone may already know this, I feel it is best to clarify before any confusion may result.

Here is a smaller (460px × 115px) version of above graphic (600px × 140px):

New RM Slogan I Made

Final Note: I just wished I were better at spreadsheets so I can design one for Onaviu since its magic system and profession specialization is different than any standard RM version.

CO2 Data
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